Thursday, February 09, 2006

Some computers are stupid

As I said, so computers are really stupid. They crash about half the times they are started up and the other half of the time are so slow that it's almost like they are crashing. Well, that's what you get with PCs. I have no grudge against them myself, but I think that Macs are so much better that there is no comparison. It is true that more games are designed for PCs than for Macs, but guess what, so are more viruses. Plus the graphics are better on a Mac. Now I have to decide which laptop I like better. The iBook is better for games, I think, but the other one, the new one, I forgot the name, is faster and has duo processors. I liked the iBook before I ever knew about the other one. It's time to go I think, but I will eventually decide. The other computer is still doing its stupid thing, but in time it too will decide what to do.