Wednesday, March 01, 2006

This guy has it right...

To social liberals in the Seattle-area: If you haven't read this article you should. This man hit the gay marriage nail squarely on the head. His name is Ryan Blethern and this is the link to his editorial on the issue in the Seattle Times: There is much more good stuff than what is in the following excerpt.

Here is an excerpt:

"Leaders of the fight against civil rights need to give up their crusade. Their notions of sin and sexuality belong in another era, to decades past when women could not vote, black people drank from designated fountains and gays and lesbians were beaten into false lives.... One of the reasons used to try to tank any civil rights aimed at gays and lesbians is the claim that those rights will lead to same-sex marriage. On this point, the opposition is correct. Thank goodness. (Before moving on, let's drop the labels. The weddings I attend this summer will not be called "heterosexual" weddings and the people involved will not be in "hetero-marriages." So let's not label marriage as gay. Call it what it is: marriage)."