Saturday, July 15, 2006

I just gotta love this...

It is...(checks clock)...very early in the morning. I can't sleep because I screwed up my internal alarm clock sometime in the last month and I'm online writing on my blog and emailing back and forth with a girl from Alaska who is going to the same university I am in the fall. This is really awesome. Plus I just found someone on MySpace who I haven't talked to for about two years or so...that might not sound like a long time, but when you take into account that I'm only 18, that's more than ten percent of my life. That's a long time! I hope he emails me back soon.

Oh don't freak out just because I said he. He's one of my friends from high school and I think he has a girlfriend. At least he did the last time I heard which was about a year ago. We're just friends, as cliched a line as that is. I would like to have coffee or lunch with him, just to see how he's doing, since he's one of those people from high school I'd like to stay in touch with.

I think I'm keeping this blog up very nicely, considering that I have a couple blogs that I know I've created, but I can't remember for the life of me. Plus about four or five email accounts that are the same way. Now I've pretty much mainstreamed my email accounts, limiting it to four. I just recently switched my main accounts so I could access my email more directly. Now I need to tell everyone in my address book that actually cares that I've switched accounts. It's not like its a big thing, just the ending changes from to I don't want to have to pay to have access to my email from an email program. No thanks, Yahoo and Hotmail. I'm not going to abandon any of my accounts, just view them a lot less often.

I really love having a laptop. It may be a refurbished iBook and fairly heavy as modern laptops come, but I love it dearly and would not trade it for any other laptop in the world.

I think I'm going to go now, but I might post again tonight (this morning, whatever).

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