Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New news

For those who have been listening (or watching or reading whatever), an update on my life:

I am going to college in about 9 days. Yes, that late. It doesn't even start until the 27th.

I am not currently working but the reason I get to move in early at school is because I got a job helping people set up their internet connections for the first week of school. It'll be fun.

I posted a blog applying for a position to write on my school's freshman year blog. It was a good blog, so I hope it wins. If it doesn't, oh well, life goes on.

At this point in time I think my summer has been just long enough as opposed to other summers which always seemed to go on too long.

I have become a MySpace freak. I check it every day, sometimes twice a day (or three times, but I swear that's the most). The only thing that ever changes is the bulletins people post. Even then about half of those I completely ignore. The only thing I don't do is blog because I am loyal to blogger.com and MySpace's blog format sucks on my browser. No, I'm not changing my browser.

I am going to a fair tomorrow with one of my friends. She going to try to drive to my house for the first time, which, since she's been driving about half the time I have, might be a challenge for her. Luckily I am just a phone call away for directional guidance.

My mom got me a gift. It's a map of the area in which I will be going to school. The one class I will have every weekday is all the way across the campus from my dorm which means I'll be getting a lot of exercise first thing in the morning, but if I work it just right I can use the fantabulous gym the school has, which is on that end of the campus, almost within sight. I don't know what I'll do second quarter, but I'll find some way to work it.

This exercise thing is part of my attempt not to gain the freshman fifteen (or ten). It'll be a challenge since I have problems sticking to a schedule, but I'll figure out some system of rewards and punishments so I'll stay on track. Another part will be eating healthier than I do at home, which might also be a challenge, but not as big as the exercise thing.

I can't wait to meet my roommate. She seems like a cool person from her emails.

This has very possibly been my very longest blog I have ever written, so I think it is time for me to sign off for now.

P.S. I will also try to keep up on this blog better than I have in the past.