Monday, December 18, 2006

To live without power

For all those who look forward to my opinionated blogs, you'll have to wait. This blog is just me blathering on about my life. Nothing too interesting.

Since Friday my house has been without power. Which means more to my household than it does to many. In addition to the obvious, it means that we don't have heat, running water, or flushing toilets. Primitive almost. We have to build and maintain a fire in our woodburning stove and use a propane lantern to read at night. But, you're asking, how do I have internet?

This is the wonder of the modern era. My mom called around to hotels within about twenty miles of our house, booked us a room, and now I get to stay in a hotel until Thursday or when we get power, whichever happpens first. So I am very happy about having heat, light, and internet.

I do have to buy a decent swimsuit though because I left my old one-piece at school and I am not wearing any of my two-pieces for love nor money. Plus I don't have any of them with me.

That's the fun of my life, so I guess I will blog again later. Tata for now.

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