Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ah, the weekend....

At 6:00 today I will be finished with two out of my three classes for this quarter, minus finals. The third one will be over at 4:00 tomorrow. The weekend will be a bitch though. I will have two finals to write, one due Monday (the long one, 4-5 pages), and one due Tuesday (the short one, two papers, each 1 page). After Wednesday I will be completely finished as of mid-day (I don't remember what time), but I will stay on until Friday. On Thursday my new roommate, who I finally met today, will be moving in. I wonder when she's going home? It would be kind of weird to be there for one night then have to go home. She seems pretty nice.

It will be weird having only about half the building still living there come Spring Quarter because of construction on the dorm. I hope they don't start their work too early in the morning because then I would get to start my morning poorly every day. That would not be good.

I hope I can get my stupid long essay done so I can enjoy some of my weekend. If not I will definitely spend my week as though it was the weekend. The short essays are not really a big concern for me, considering they're only half a page single spaced, pretty much nothing. I do feel pity for those who have much longer essays to write.

Wow, that was a whole complete bunch of nonsense.

I hope next time to write something a little bit more substantial.

Tata for now.

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