Monday, July 30, 2007

Back on the market (the job market that is)

So I ended up quitting my job at the summer camp I was working at. It and I were just not getting along too splendidly, so here I am, at home, thinking about what I could do for my next job.

For me, employment isn't completely mandatory/necessary. I could live without the money. The real question is whether I want to live with my parents' nagging about me getting a job, the boredom that would creep into my days if I didn't have one, and the lack of spending money for when I go back to school. I like having money and I like having a reason to get up before noon. It gives purpose to my life. Purpose is a good thing. At this point in time I would pretty much be willing to take any decent job that pays minimum wage or higher and isn't a commute longer than twenty-five or thirty minutes, forty at the most.

There are a couple potential places I could apply at, but all of them will require me to put on nicer clothing than a t-shirt and jeans (my normal apparel) and drive around the area in which I live, about twenty or thirty minutes in either direction. The outlet mall has potential and I know that there are a few places there that are hiring (and from who I saw working there, are probably not more than reasonably picky about the people they hire). I'm also going to check into a job at the office supply stores in town/nearby simply because it is almost back-to-school season and I've heard that most of them will hire a few additional workers to cover the extra business. Worth trying at the very least. One of my friends suggested the place where he works; they pay more than minimum wage just starting out, but they might want a little but more than the seasonal commitment I can give them. Those are my options for now.

Now I need to take my cold medicine so I don't sound like a completely sick individual/goober and get up the guts to get out of the house and apply for jobs. Oh boy. What a complete thrill.

Tata for now.

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