Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A deal...

Okay everybody whose blog I read regularly please update more frequently. Even if it is just to tell your audience that you are alive. Anything for me to read please. In exchange I will blog more frequently and try to write more blogs with actual substance to them, something people will actually care about. Please just do this for me.

In other news:
  1. I have had at least one of each of my classes for Spring Quarter. Whoot.
  2. I have exhausted my blog supply for the day. I keep checking each of my favorite blogs to see if they'll update, but no, they don't that often.
  3. I will do a blog about my school's Take Back the Night event either that night or sometime the Friday and weekend after. I promise. Even if it is just a few sentences describing it, I will write.
  4. My sinuses hated me yesterday. Stupid tree pollen. Yes, flowers are pretty, but my mild case of allergies is not. Such a conflict.
  5. It was such a beautiful day yesterday. What went wrong?
I can't think of anything more that has any substance, so tata for now.

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