Friday, April 06, 2007

Sunny day...

You don't get weather much better than this in early April. Almost seventy degrees out with barely a cloud in the sky. There was no way that I was going to eat lunch outside this afternoon, so I got some small snack-like things from a cafe and sat outside on the grass in front of the building in which I have class now. One of my friends joined me just after I finished and we just laid in the sun until I figured I should probably leave to get a decent seat in this huge class.

According to the newspaper we could reach record highs, possibly about eighty degrees outside today and seventy tomorrow. The average temperature for this time of the year is fifty-six degrees, which is what I believe it will be next week. Man I wish I was smart enough this morning to wear capris and a tank top, but there's no way I could have known it would get this warm until I got out of class.

Class now, so tata for now.

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