Saturday, June 23, 2007

Summer Camp #1

This is my seventh day at the summer camp I'm working at, and so far the week hasn't been too fantastic, but it has had its high points. I am almost fully trained for my job in the commissary for the next eight weeks and I am very happy about it. When next week rolls around I'll know exactly what I have to do and nobody will bother me. I'll have space and time to think while I measure and dole out various food for pack-out meals. When I'm on my two-hour break each day I'll have access to the internet, so I can write emails, read the news and my favorite blogs, and write, on occasion, on my own blog, just telling y'all how I'm doing. When I don't have anything to do in the commissary I get/have to spend time with my unit, possibly entertaining the campers if the counselor needs me to, or working as a dock sitter if they're going swimming. It'll all be up to my unit coordinator (UC), as to what they will need me for each time.

I'd like to get back to my magazine now (some British trash), so I'll talk to you later.

Tata for now.

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