Thursday, October 05, 2006


I love cheez-its. They're so good. Right now they're serving as a preliminary to dinner because I want to have a late dinner at 9:00 because I really feel like having a sandwich and they only have sandwiches at late night dinner.

I got our microfridge into place today, but the fridge and freezer smell, so my roomie is getting baking soda to absorb the smell from her work. We're going on a small grocery store trip on the weekend to fill it up. The room is a lot cleaner because I had to move stuff to get it into place (the desks are heavy). Most of the stuff was mine so I just pushed it under the bed. I also emptied the trash bins and got more TP from the front desk. I was productive today. Hopefully tomorrow will be at least a little bit as productive.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have my first breakfast in the dining hall. I don't even have one class tomorrow, so I'm going to run an errand for someone, which might take three hours or more.

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