Friday, February 16, 2007

The Friday of a three-day weekend

Three day weekends seem to come with more frequency when one is in college. Not that I'm complaining. The Saturday of a three day weekend is the most wonderful day, a day like a Friday, not quite of the week, no classes and complete freedom. Sure, in my own way I will celebrate those presidents who we are supposed to be celebrating on our day off from the school week, but let's face it: Most people will not truly celebrate the holiday, just the three days away from school.

We talked about nothing productive today in Political Science, spending forty-five minutes on current events instead of finishing up the chapter. Yet again she did not have our scores for our last exam, but she says she'll have them by Tuesday. I see two sides to this whole thing. It is annoying not to get our scores back until less than a week before the next exam, but I do see how hard it is to grade about two hundred or more completely essay exams without a TA.

I love the fact that my birthday is in less than a month. Yay for me! I need to remember to wish my friends with birthdays in between now and then happy birthday. I use Facebook to remember most of them because of its handy dandy birthday charter thingy and then I can simply post "Happy Birthday" on their wall without any fuss or bother. MySpace is great for the same function for the people I know who don't have Facebook.

I love the fact that on Fridays people don't start showing up for dinner until about 5-7 minutes before they open. It gives me more free time to do whatever I please, especially typing on my laptop. There are two things I am very thankful for right now: having a laptop that can hold a charge and the campus' free and extensive wireless internet.

I can't really think of anything more to say for right now, except for the fact that I am very much looking forward to the weekend ahead.

Tata for now.

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