Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cold and snow

It is too cold for the common good today. It is currently 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) and with windchill that feels like -2 degrees, which is colder than I can ever remember being in before. A foot and a half of snow. A Thanksgiving weekend two days longer than it was meant to be. I'm wondering if we have school tomorrow, which I think we will because there will be nothing really new happening tomorrow except possibly a little more snow. I guess I should check the school website.

The website doesn't say anything about tomorrow. I guess they're being cautious because yesterday they said that school would be open unless something happened in the night and they would have a final decision this morning. At 6:40 this morning my suitemate came in and told my roommate and I that there was no school today. I kind of want to have a class tomorrow because it would give me some intellectual stimulation and I haven't worked out for about a week because I only work out when I have class. If we don't have school tomorrow, as of noon it will be a week since we had classes.

My opinion is that the cold is too much. I am chilly in 50 degree weather so this weather is really getting to me. The snow is nice I guess since snow like this happens rather rarely, but the cold front is not appreciated. Not going to class has lost some of the charm it had in elementary, middle, and high school mostly because I (well, really my parents) are paying for these classes out of their own pockets instead of through taxes.

At this point I am upset at the people who renovated this side of the building because they forgot (conveniently for them I guess) weather stripping on the doors which means all the cold air gets in through the crack in the door.

Well I think I'm going to go finish "The Corporation" now.

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