Thursday, November 09, 2006

Expressing an opinion...

If you are offended by opinions in general, do not hesitate to leave this blog right now. Run, don't walk. Out. Now.

Now that I've gotten out everyone that might possibly be a problem, I'm actually going to be serious because I've been thinking. Seriously. I had to write a couple paragraphs for an online discussion for one of my classes and this got me thinking, in general.

Thing number one: Democrats have control of Congress. After many long years, it's just about time. Now I make it my general policy not to vote straight party lines, picking the best person for the job, actually reading my voter's pamphlet to help me decide about non-partisan issues. I am a literate American. I would like to make it clear, however, that the two-party system is corrupt, and I would rather just have the choice to vote for people that have the same or similar beliefs as me, without the party label, but because there is this party system in the United States, I've learned to deal with it. So I vote Democrat. As moderate as the Democratic party has become in the last decade or so, to me it is still better than the Republicans.

Still on thing number one, just a new paragraph. I was watching TV while I was working out, like I usually do, but instead of watching The View or Tyra, or something like that (mindless dribble that keeps my brain away from the fact that exercising isn't exactly pleasant) I watched our dear beloved president give a lovely speech about the fact that, scary thought (to him at least), the Democrats had the House and that (even scarier thought to him), there was a woman in charge. Oh, and the fact that Rumsfeld "resigned" to make way for (drumroll) somebody from Texas. Am I surprised? No. The only word I have for this is cronyism. Is that a real word? I don't know. But it sure fits the circumstances. Let me tell you, I kept my hands firmly planted on the handles on the elliptical machine, resisting the urge to flip the people on the screen off, simply because I was in a public place, and I, unlike some people, respect that some people have different opinions than I do.

Thing number two: I promise you this has almost nothing to do with politics. Pinkie swear. It has to do with gender roles. I know, big exciting subject isn't it? But it is something I've been thinking about.

Where to start? Well this seems about right. Who am I to judge what you identify as? I am starting to recognize, very much overdue, that so much of this isn't black and white. Why do we look at people and automatically say man or woman and then base all of our interactions with that person on how they look, whether they look like the traditional/stereotypical man or woman? Why? There is so much more than that. I know that I personally have been mistaken for a guy more than once, simply because, I believe, that I had a haircut that was more masculine than feminine. These little experiences have shaped me.

I used to carry my wallet in my back pocket. My left back pocket. Everywhere I went, there it was. Most people would consider that a male/masculine thing. A purse was a burden I didn't need, but now I don't carry my wallet in my back pocket anymore for numerous reasons. I drive now and sitting on a wallet is not the most comfortable thing in the world, as I have been told by some of my male friends. I have a cell phone now and women's jeans are not designed for women to actually be able to carry things in their front pockets. It isn't fair. It forces women to either buy guys pants or carry a purse. Back when all I carried in my pockets was loose change and chapstick, this wasn't such a big problem. My purse is a burden on me. A very large burden. I would not carry one if I didn't need to. I don't when I don't have to. Does this make me less feminine? No. If you think it does you have more than a few loose screws.

I don't wear makeup that often and when I do wear it, I usually go for a very minimal effect. I don't like eyeshadow and the only reason I like eye pencil, totally defying the above statement, is that I can put it on thick and draw attention to my eyes. I save makeup, like swearing, for special occasions.

Why do we judge people like this? Is a female that has a short haircut, a wallet in her back pocket, and who rarely wears makeup except for dramatic effect, less of a woman than a female who curls her hair every morning, carries a big purse full of stuff, and puts on a whole face every morning? Is a male that isn't athletic, has emotions and isn't ashamed to express them to people close to him, and who is comfortable with having women as just friends any less of a man than a male who is jock, who bottles up his rage, fear, and sadness, and who believes that men and women can't be just friends? Why does society assume such a dichotomy? It isn't black and white! It can never be.

I don't want to conform to society's standards of beauty, but the sad fact is that whether I want to or not, the pressure is incredible to do just this. I will not justify any of my above statements or preface them with comments that totally negate their effect. All I will say is that I love myself, I love who I am, and if you try to change me, I will not be happy with you at all. I will be mad.

Thing number 3: A lighter subject than the above ones, and, admittedly, less likely to offend, not that it really matters to me. I love it that the food vendors at college don't try to restrict extremely, what you eat, especially with respects to nutritional value. If I want pizza I get pizza. If I get fat form eating pizza everyday (which I don't) then it is my own fault, not the fault of my parents or the school. I am in charge of my eating. Every time I want salad, I get salad. When I don't want it, I don't get it. "Nutritional" food is not forced on me by the school. They offer nutritious options, but they are just options. I don't have to pick them and when I want to choose them I can. Choices are a wonderful thing.

Thanks for listening to my ranting and raving if anybody is at all. I appreciate it immensely.

Tata for now.

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