Thursday, November 30, 2006

It is days like this that are meant to blog

Wow. What a day and it is only a quarter to ten. I woke up this morning to find out that the university is completely open (quite a bummer), got dressed and did some major cramming for an exam just to keep the facts in my head, suited up for the cold weather and headed out about fifteen minutes earlier than normal. I arrived at the hall about seven minutes earlier than normal (ice made for a slower walk), sat down with my notes on paper and did the last bit of my cramming.

Once the class before us left (Chemistry of some kind I think) I headed in, set my stuff down, grabbed an exam, and started working. All of the questions on the front (short answer and one short essay) were very easy. The matching and multiple choice on the back were a little bit more difficult, but there were only maybe ten that I wasn't completely sure that my answer was the right answer and that was out of forty or fifty.

Since I finished about thirty minutes before the class was over (I finished it in about twenty five minutes) I left to go get breakfast from the dining hall. Other than the vegetarian gravy on the biscuits and gravy its been pretty good. It is very quiet.

I figured out yesterday that I am not technically supposed to get wireless signal in the dining hall because there technically isn't any, but somehow I pick it up. Go figure. I'm not complaining at all.

Well I've got things to do, so tata for now.

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