Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Die-In

There is nothing more powerful in the world than a group of hundreds saying "no". No to war, to the killing, the violence, the hatred. No to corrupt politicians who promote war to make a dollar. No to those who make a mockery out of democracy.

Today, in Red Square, more than a hundred people said no to these very things. They wore red to symbolize the blood shed and died, for seven minutes, to send a message to the politicians in Washington D.C.: Get us out of war in Iraq. Among those in the crowd were people who carried posters, scraps of cardboard, with a unified purpose, a unified statement: We don't want any more of this. We are tired of war, tired of people dying, tired of our family, friends, neighbors being sent overseas to fight in a war that never should have been started in the first place.

I don't really have any more to say. It was powerfully moving and politically significant. We said to the world "You can't ignore us."

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Kabukistar said...

Better late than never. Here are the pictures: